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 Finao LLC. now offers a comprehensive group of Business Intelligence services including,


Information gathering and analysis: If your company wants access and analysis of data for an upcoming project, or perhaps you want to find out just how your competitors are taking market share from you, let us assist you. Our analysts with more than 70 years of combined experience in Sales, Finance, Management, and Operations will gather all available information related to your project, analyze it carefully and present your firm with ready to use findings.


Process Audit: Having a productivity problem? Too many lost sales or repeat sales due to a quality issue? Hostile work environment? Finao LLC. can provide a complete process audit to examine the flow of product through your facility from the delivery of raw material until product leaves the shipping dock. Through a combination of data analysis, interviews, on site observation and even "undercover" employee's from our staff, we will find problems and provide avenues to increase productivity, quality and both customer and workforce satisfaction.


Financial Review: Cash Flow is the beating heart of any small business! This is especially true for small, physician owned, medical practices. If you think your practice or small business could have a better bottom line, let a FINAO LLC. financial consultant advise you on making it a reality.  All too often small firms are bleeding cash through a thousand tiny cuts. These cuts come in the form of outdated procedures and the "that's the way we've always done it" mentality. Let us get your company out of that rut and increase your bottom line.


Finao (Failure Is Not An Option)

FINAO-IT Failure Is Not An Option
"Since its inception more than 15 years ago, FinaoLLC has been at the forefront of Information Technology Security, Healthcare Informatics, Web Design, Digital/Social Media and Consulting for Attorneys, Physicians, Manufacturers and others in Ohio, West Virginia, and Indiana.
Your time is important We can help you gain IT control
Let us help you discover vulnerabilities, stop threats, and mitigate risk to keep your sensitive data secure. Contact Finao LLC. where Failure Is Not An Option!"

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