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Today's connected business environment demands that special care be taken to protect your companies confidential data.


Patient data, financial information, customer and price lists, intellectual property, and  patents translate to priceless information that your firm relies on to be competitive.
Finao IT Information Security Consultants, are certified professionals with real world experience from single physician medical practices, to Fortune 500 manufacturers. We address Information Security from a Holistic point of view, utilizing industry best practices, policy / procedure, education, audit, and penetration testing along with state-of-the-art security hardware and software, to reveal vulnerabilities and mitigate risk.


Security Audit:  A comprehensive evaluation of your data systems from beyond the perimeter to the individual desktop. Our audit encompasses best practices approach to ensure maximum security/budget ratio. We examine and actively probe the perimeter defenses of your network, examine your antivirus/anti malware defenses, policy and procedure, physical security, wireless and wired LAN, and VPN. Our consultants also examine and evaluate any outside the LAN digital connections and VPN's with vendors and partners to ensure no pathway for data loss exists.  Upon audit completion the client is provided with a report detailing the current status and design of defenses, any vulnerabilities found and suggested remedies. For healthcare firms all audits are done with a focus on HIPAA/HITECH compliance.


Security Training: A FINAO LLC. Security consultant can provide a 45min -1 hour presentation to your management team, business group or entire staff. Our presentation covers in layman's terms the most current threats and common sense countermeasures for today's connected business environment.


Disaster Preparedness/Recovery: FINAO LLC. will work hand in hand with your company to develop and implement a comprehensive data preservation and disaster recovery plan.


Encrypted Off Site Backup: We can provide secure, out-of-region Off Site backup for workstations and servers. Don't let a fire or other disaster put you out of business.


Secure Encrypted Email Service: FINAO LLC. has partnered with Voltage Email to provide our clients with a secure and easy to implement secure email system that meets HIPAA/HITECH guidelines!


Penetration Testing "RED TEAM" services: Our unique access to consultants with backgrounds in Information Security, Law Enforcement, Finance, and Military Intelligence allows FINAO LLC. to provide complete penetration testing at both the physical and digital border. If your firm needs a true hands on evaluation of your facilities security, alarm readiness, camera system operation and staff readiness, we are ready to provide you with a comprehensive analysis. Having a top of the line firewall and good Information Security policy is worthless if someone can walk into your facility and walk out with your data in hand!


Finao (Failure Is Not An Option)

FINAO-IT Failure Is Not An Option
"Since its inception more than 15 years ago, FinaoLLC has been at the forefront of Information Technology Security, Healthcare Informatics, Web Design, Digital/Social Media and Consulting for Attorneys, Physicians, Manufacturers and others in Ohio, West Virginia, and Indiana.
Your time is important We can help you gain IT control
Let us help you discover vulnerabilities, stop threats, and mitigate risk to keep your sensitive data secure. Contact Finao LLC. where Failure Is Not An Option!"

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