Digital/Social Media

Digital and Social Media

In the new marketplace, having a pretty website is not enough to capture and hold the attention of your customers and potential customers, your company needs a complete Digital Media Presence. Work with the staff at Finao LLC. to build a complete digital media presence for your company. We can provide solutions starting with a simple and inexpensive website for you firm and then collaborate with you to add blogs and multimedia content. Utilize our experience with YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and other digital media outlets to drive traffic and potential customers to your website. 


 You'd love to have a presence in all of today's trending Digital outlets but just cannot budget the time or staff? Let us provide a complete services package of design, maintenance and content feeds to your Blog, Twitter, Vine , Facebook and other outlet accounts. You provide the framework of content you want your audience to see via email to our staff and we make it happen via your digital media presence! Simple, fast and easy! And our team will build the your companies entire digital media presence while carefully crafting not only the image you want but utilizing proper keywords and concepts to insure good search engine presentation and ease of use.


Finao (Failure Is Not An Option)

FINAO-IT Failure Is Not An Option
"Since its inception more than 15 years ago, FinaoLLC has been at the forefront of Information Technology Security, Healthcare Informatics, Web Design, Digital/Social Media and Consulting for Attorneys, Physicians, Manufacturers and others in Ohio, West Virginia, and Indiana.
Your time is important We can help you gain IT control
Let us help you discover vulnerabilities, stop threats, and mitigate risk to keep your sensitive data secure. Contact Finao LLC. where Failure Is Not An Option!"

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